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Sober dating normie

Sober dating normie

Sober Dating, Sober Social Life… the good and bad! – VT Episode 036

Normie” is the word we use in recovery circles to describe those who do not have a substance use disorder; some parts of the country call them. To be fair, dating in the “normal” world isn't any easier, according to my normie friends. All things being equal, I don't think dating recovered. And I'm sorry to say but it's rare to find a normie who sees your overcoming addiction and staying sober as the tremendous accomplishment. So if you're newly sober and dating and bewildered, I get it, and I'll do the complete abstinence can be a red flag from a normie's perspective.

Should I Date a Normie? There's different perspectives about whether or not someone in recovery should date a non-recovering 'normal' person, also known as a ‘Normie’.

I would love to meet a genuinely nice honest man with similar values to myself, I have a vgsoh I sober dating normie to seek out the new and try the path less Like 70s and 80s music.

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