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Is andi from the bachelorette still engaged

Is andi from the bachelorette still engaged

Bachelorette, Andi Gets Engaged To Josh, "Bachelorette” AndiDorfman finally made her draft pick in the finale of ABC's popular show, and no, it.

Bachelorette Finale, Nick Confronts Andi About Sex Suite

Sex begins with the mind, not the body. Smart women have lives of their own. They're not is andi from the bachelorette still engaged around to be told what's fun. They know what's fun and are most likely out there doing it. Giphy They're not in a relationship because they're needy. They're in a relationship because they want to be in a relationship.

For all the people out there who think being with a smart woman is ego-busting, think of how ego-boosting it is that a strong, intelligent woman actually wants to be in a relationship with you.

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Break Up: The Bachelorette Couple Call Off "​After several months of being engaged and working on our relationship, we have PHOTOS: Bachelor & Bachelorette status check: Find out who's still together! Inside 'Bachelorette' Star Andi Dorfman's New Life In New York City a then ​year-old former baseball player, and the two got engaged.

It was there that she introduced the world to Nick Viall and his scarves still not sure how to feel about that and accepted Josh's proposal. Except, as mentioned, it didn't work out, and the pair announced their split in January Right now, it does not seem that Andi is married or even dating anyone.

In FebruaryAndi confirmed that she was the "last single standing" in a tweet to fellow Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti. Unless Andi is dating someone very casually and it's really is andi from the bachelorette still engaged, Andi is single right now. Andi was a lawyer before she was Bachelorette, so we knew she was smart.

It's Not Okay details how things went down on The Bachelorette and what happened afterward to make her and Josh Murray break up. She alleges he was mentally and emotionally abusiveespecially after he found out that she slept with Nick Viall during their Fantasy Suite date. Josh has always denied these allegations.

According to an interview Andi did with Entertainment Tonight, it's even being made into a television show.

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