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Pansexual dating meaning

Pansexual dating meaning

Dating a Sexually Fluid Guy

While The Kinsey Scale, first introduced inwas fairly limiting but groundbreaking, in some ways, at the timewith zero meaning someone is exclusively heterosexual and six meaning someone is exclusively homosexual, with a spectrum in between that allowed for more options, it certainly didn't encompass all possible sexual identities. For example, the sexual identity, pansexuality, isn't on the scale — nor are many others.

Although being pansexual has existed as long as the human race has, it's only been recently that the word has become more mainstream, most recently when Janelle Monae came out as pansexual. Miley Cyrus also notably said she was pansexual in a few pansexual datings meaning over the last fews years. But even before that, OkCupid had made the move to include pansexual as a sexual optionalong with many other gender and sexual options from which to choose and identify.

But what does it mean to be pansexual?


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is not the same as bisexual Bisexuality is where someone's attracted to people of more than one gender (whether that's male, female, non-binary or trans people for example). I believe that there are more than two genders and that gender works along a spectrum. Bisexual” and “pansexual” are two different ways to describe sexual Does dating someone of a particular gender mean you're 'straight'? They'll say things along the lines of, 'Well aren't you dating your first Being pansexual doesn't mean you're attracted to everyone, all the time.

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