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Dating a deaf guy

Dating a deaf guy

Check out these quick tips for navigating dating and deafness. Pick a Well-Lit Place Many deaf and hard of hearing individuals depend upon lip reading to communicate.

Deaf and hard of hearing people are no different than hearing people, and their hearing loss is only one part of their story. Learn A Little Sign Language While sign language may not be universal in the deaf community, it is incredibly common. Be Yourself As a hearing person, dating someone who is deaf or hard of hearing come with a bit of a learning curve.

5 Things I Love About My Deaf Boyfriend

Explore gay deaf dating to find other guys with whom you can share your interests, exchange messages and arrange a meeting with someone you like! Don’t let yourself be treated as a second-class citizen just because you have a hearing impediment – find someone who will understand you right from the start and skip all those awkward explanations and icy smiles you had to face in clubs and bars! Instead of that, in virtual dating all cards are on the table and your deafness is not an issue! Explore hundreds of profiles, find someone interesting, see if you have anything in common – maybe they also.

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Don't Focus on Their Hearing Loss. Dating a deaf person is the same as dating a non-deaf person. Instead of worrying where to take them because they're deaf, focus on finding. Dating can be such a challenge! It's a whirlwind of expectation and awkwardness that is even more challenging when you're deaf or hard of.

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