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Harry ginny first date fanfiction

Harry ginny first date fanfiction

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Makeout

As quickly and quietly as he could, Harry led Ginny through the halls of Hogwarts to a secret passage which led them to the astronomy tower staircase. Confident of their privacy, Harry pulled the Invisibility Cloak off and put it back in its pocket in his school cloak. Instinctively, Harry put his arms around her waist and, realizing what he was doing, blushed sheepishly.

Ginny had pressed her lips against his, cutting him off before he could finish what he was saying. It was as if Ginny, now assured of privacy, was letting years of suppressed feelings go and focusing them into the kiss. She pulled back and opened her eyes revealing an expression Harry had never seen on a girl before.

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Login, Sign UpFanFiction, unleash your imagination Ginny blushed, she knew Ron was still uncomfortable with her dating Harry, even if he gave She didn't need any of her brothers' blessings to date Harry. First time he did it was the morning after they kissed, she had come down in expecting to see. Ginny can't tell Harry! and Harry can't tell Ginny until one day they say He had just met the Weasley's for the first time as he was trying to find.

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