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Dating site rankings and standings

Dating site rankings and standings

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Objective The purpose of this lecture is to provide a comprehensive overview of: a the different radiometric methods in Geology, the different dating tasks and the constraints put by the complexity of natural systems, including dating by cosmogenic nuclides, b the various analytical tools available today for radiometric dating, their advantages and disadvantages, c the use of noble gases in Geochemistry and d detailed description of case studies, as examples of approach of a number of geological problems and interpretation of the data.

At the end students know the different isotope systems, methods and their application. Understand literature and critical reading and interpretation of published data is possible. For simple geochronological questions they can describe a scientific approach and possible solution. Introduction, History of Geochronology, Overview of isotopic systems, dating methods.

U-Th-Pb system, focus on ion microprobe; zircon in radiometric dating 3.

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